6 Startups Capitalizing the Robotic Coffee Bar Idea

Truebird - Fully Automated Micro-Cafes Made by Coffee Experts

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Truebird

You can find great coffee in local cafes or even brew it at home. But there are still places where finding a good cup isn't that easy, just like in a hospital room, a building lobby, an office, or a university library. Here’s where Truebird comes in.

Truebird is a fully automated micro-cafe made by coffee experts on a mission to deliver exceptional coffee, everywhere. Truebird's kiosks are fully automated, contactless, and capable of brewing amazing drinks every time, from simple espressos to luxurious lattes.

Briggo - A Totally-Automated Coffee Machine

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Costa Coffee

Nobody likes standing in a line, especially when that means waiting for your morning coffee cup. But what if you could just order your favorite drink via an app and have it prepared in few minutes with the freshest coffee beans available? Wouldn't that be great?

Empowered by robotics, Briggo is a totally automated coffee machine available 24/7 in highly trafficked locations such as universities, airports, and hospitals. Orders are processed via a mobile app and customers can expect high-quality drinks, as this machine uses only fresh ground Costa Coffee Signature Blend beans, fresh dairy, and gourmet syrups.
Coffee Automat - A Contactless and Autonomous Espresso Bar

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Dark horse

With the rise of pandemic restrictions in the food industry, contactless and automated restaurants have proliferated in cities around the world. Dark Horse, for example, is a Canadian coffee shop that saw in technology and automation a new opportunity to maintain its growth and provide clients what they needed, no matter the pity restrictions.

Dark Horse Coffee Automat is Canada’s first autonomous espresso bar, bringing a contactless coffee experience. Just order through the interactive screen or mobile app, and magic will happen: the retro-looking vending machine will prepare a high-quality espresso drink for you.
Cafe X - A Futuristic Automated Coffee System

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Cafe X

Technology has progressed more in the last 5 years than in the last 50. In just a few years, the traditional coffee shop business model has dramatically evolved as companies such as Cafe X, have brought automation and technology to eliminate waiting times while delivering perfect drinks.

Focused on delivering a great customer experience, Cafe X is the fastest, most advanced fully automated café system serving a wide range of options, including the traditional ones: Cappuccino, Flat White, and Latte. Cafe X operates with a six-axis robotic capable of preparing and serving your coffee - no human interaction required.
Rozum - A Startup Capitalizing on the Robot Cafe Idea

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Rozum

Keeping up to date with the ever-changing standards of the food industry is complex and expensive. Automation, has proved to be the solution for many companies looking to achieve the required levels of quality control, speed, and profitability. Rozum, for example, wants to delight coffee lovers with a faster, high-quality, and burdensome-free experience using robotic servers.

Capitalizing on the robot cafe idea, Rozum allows customers to have a fluid coffee experience that begins ordering from a console menu connected to a functional module or utilizing the app. Once the order is processed, the robotic arm will grind the beans, prepare and deliver a perfect drink in less than 3 minutes.
Robo Esso - A Contactless Automated Robo Barista

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Robotic Cafes - Source: Robo Esso

According to Matt Jones, the rule of thumb in the coffee industry is if you're not selling 200 cups of coffee per day you're not making money. As a coffee shop owner and after covid-19 hit the world, Matt knew he had to try something new if he wanted to stay in business: he programmed a robot to make drinks just like a human barista.

Robo Esso is composed of three main parts: the conveyor belt that holds and delivers the drinks, the UR5 robot arm, and the gripper 3D fingers. This robot barista focuses on making coffee drinks in just seconds, putting a smile on everyone’s face, and making automation affordable and adaptable for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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